"Jeepers Creepers" Eagle Fly

You need to watch a horror movie full of suspense that had very successful in this market! The film was directed and written by Victor Salva in 2001. Starring Gina Philips, Justin Long, Jonathan Breck, Patricia Belcher, Eileen Brennan, Brandon Smith and Peggy Sheffield. "Jeepers Creepers" tells the story of two brothers Darryl (Justin Long) and Trish (Gina Philips).
They are enjoying the ride home after enjoying a holiday. Along the way, they meet a strange person unknown. Darryl and Trish saw him throw something at the edge of the road. Both then investigate what people discarded it. They found a monster reptile is very scary. Monster is the devil incarnate evil known as The Creeper. The Creeper can not wait to eat Darryl and Trish as his next victim. Whether they can get away from the grip of that ugly monster?

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